Welcome to WarOnline.Net

WarOnline.Net is a first in web-based online gaming.
Classic RTS/TBS gaming meets massive online player communities in strategic combat.

WarOnline.Net is the FIRST web-based game EVER to use an interactive, graphical map.
Using the Flash driven map, you can actually see your armies do battle, set formations, traverse different terrains and wage all out war the way strategy games are supposed to be.

WarOnline.Net features a diverse Medieval class of characters (Undead & Mythos classes coming in the future), as well as class based buildings, tech-tree systems, message systems, mulitple games running at different speeds & lengths, forums, scoreboards and champions lists, and much much more.

Battle (instant combat) and Campaign (kingdom management) games are available.

Sounds interesting? Check out "Getting Started" and see how you can join in the fun!

!! Click Here for a great Newbie Guide !!   (A brief intro to WarOnline by Mog. What you need to know to win!)

Mog's Join A Battle Tutorial (Learn how to join Battles quickly, and get the most fun from them)

Requirements :
IE 5.x+, Flash5, 800x600+ resolution
No downloads required!!
(Note : Currenty in open beta mode)