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Campaign Games

Campaign Games, like most RTS games, include many different aspects to the game.

You need to manage your resource income, build new military buildings, invest in new technologies and purchase more troops based on your campaign strategies. You can also trade via the MarketPlace, spy on other players, upgrade buildings, make alliances/non-agreession-pacts, etc.

While games might start slower, as your campaign grows, so too will the action!
(Games are slower, ranging from 6 to 24 hours per turn)

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Battle Games

Battle Games are "combat-only" style games, which focus primarily on your battle tactics.

Given a certain number of "army points", you can choose from any of the troops in a class, and start a direct war other players. Since there is no building, technologies, etc, only your choice in troops and your battle tactics will determine if you are a winner or you are dead!

Each game is like a single battle, and lets you jump into the action right away.
(Most games are very fast Player-Ends-Turn style, similar to "hotseat" TBS games)

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